A digital engagement and strategy firm dedicated to electing candidates who will restore civility and pragmatism to politics.

Our founder, Richie Alicea, is a veteran of Republican and independent campaigns and causes. He has over a decade of experience in digital politics, including Evan McMullin’s 2016 independent campaign for president and dozens of U.S. Senate, House, and gubernatorial races.

In 2018, he led the digital advertising and engagement strategy for multiple independent efforts throughout the nation, including the U.S. Senate campaigns of Neal Simon (MD) and Craig O’Dear (MO) and multiple PACs and IEs including A Hopeful America (MA), Unite Alaska, Alaskans Opposing Dunleavy, and Alaskans.VOTE (AK), and Unite America.

During the 2020 cycle, he's serving as Digital Director for Joe Walsh's presidential campaign.

What We Do

General Consulting

In coordination with your comms, data, and field teams, we develop and execute healthy and effective digital strategy, focused on identifying, engaging, and activating the supporters that will power your campaign from launch day to election day.

Digital Infrastructure

To win elections, the tools you use are just as crucial as the strategy and tactics you develop and deploy. We are experts at knowing the right tools for the job, ensuring they integrate, that the team is empowered to use them, and that your campaign's digital operation is secure.


We develop, manage, and optimize your digital advertising plan, locating, engaging, and activating potential supporters across channels — and we work with your comms team to be on-message and augment earned media.

Social Media

The organic social media plan we develop and manage will capitalize on earned media and the message of the day to engage and activate new supporters and glean essential audience and messaging data that drives digital advertising.

Supporter Engagement

An engaged supporter list is the connective tissue of your campaign. We develop and execute an innovative plan — leveraging email, text, Facebook Messenger, direct ads, etc. — to activate your supporters and call them to action.

Volunteer Organizing and GOTV

Activating potential volunteers and voters is crucial to victory. We work with your data and volunteer teams to identify and empower volunteers, effectively deploy them, and reach the right people leading up to Election Day.

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